Metal Framing Construction
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Metal Framing Construction

Metal framing construction is used for many commercial buildings. Metal framing is made in factories, and are fabricated for easy on the job assembly at the construction site.

Metal framing members, sections, and accessories are factory-fabricated for easy job-site assembly. Structural members, such as columns, beams, joists, plates, studs, corner posts, partition tees, window and door members, truss members, and fascia are all available for framing with this system. This method of framing has the advantage of permitting the utilization of splice-free lengths up to 40' long for continuous beams, joists, rafters, and truss members.

The framing members are assembled with power screwdrivers using self-drilling, self-tapping screws. The floor assembly is fastened to the foundation with studs (special nails) driven through the perimeter plate by a powder-actuated stud driver. The plywood subfloor is installed over the floor framing system with self-drilling, self-tapping screws and a structural adhesive. Wall sections can be assembled at the job site or delivered as pre-assembled panels from an off-site assembly plant. Conventional sheathing is attached to the framework with screws.

Door frames for both the interior partitions and exterior walls are integral with the system. They are prepainted and come complete with hinges, lock, rubber stops, and weather stripping as necessary. The windows are also integral parts of the system, prefabricated and painted. These units include the interior and exterior trim which is designed to accept 1/2" sheathing plus siding on the outside.

The plumbing is installed in the prepunched stud webs. The wiring is passed through insulated grommets which are inserted in the prepunched webs of the studs and plates. Wall and ceiling fixtures are mounted by attaching wood blocking spaced between the flanges of the wall studs or trusses. Friction-tight insulation is installed by placing the batts (bundles of insulating material) between the studs on the exterior walls. Studs are spaced 2' on center, providing adequate space for the installation of heating and air-conditioning ducts.

Roof trusses are set in place and roof sheathing is attached in the same manner as described previously for the subfloor. After the sheathing is in place, roofing, such as shingles, is then installed in a conventional manner.

Floor framing consists of posts, girders, sills, joists or floor trusses, and sub-flooring. All members are tied together to support the load on the floor and to give support to the exterior walls.

A post is a steel member which supports girders. Steel posts may be H-Sectional, I-Sectional, or round. They have steel bearing plates at each end. Posts are generally spaced 8' to 10' on center depending on the size and strength of the girder in relation to the load it must support.

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Very interesting reading.informative and educating Thanks for sharing.....voted up

Carly Morgan

You give some great information on metal framing . It really has a lot of benefits, including how sturdy it is and how long it can last. I holds up much better than wood over time. That is why I used metal framing when I built my own home. Before getting started, I spent a lot of time considering my options and doing my research, using McGraw Hill's Sweets Directory of construction products. They have a lot of important information that can help you make an informed decision. I have used them for years because they have made so many of my home improvement projects easier. I definitely recommend checking them out.