Metalworking & Blacksmithing Forum & FAQ
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Metalworking & Blacksmithing Forum & FAQ

Last answer by Judith Barton 63 months ago +0 votes:
You cannot melt bronze at home. Unless you have an oven that will reach 2000 degrees Farenheit. In addition to the oven, you need a crucible, pouring clamps, a safety suit with a hood that has a face shield and eye protection, a seriously good fire extinguisher, a sand pit and I could go on but I think you get the point. If you have bronze scraps you might contact a local art foundry and ask them... more
I have an old windmill whose vanes are bent up and creased and with bullet holes- some fairly minor but some with some pretty big bends and creases. Sorry, don't know the metal gauge but its fairly stout, and the vanes all have a designed in slight curve. The question is what methods/tools would be most effective in straightening: 1) hammer and dollies 2) shop press 3) English wheel 4) planishing ... more
Is there a quick test to validate powder coating on cast metal was done properly? If acetone is used and the powder coat peels, is this a valid test? more
Last answer by LaRonny 104 months ago +0 votes:
Ethan Assuming your rat-tail tang is smooth, similar to a large file tang, you can probably make a full tang fairly easily. This method I'm suggesting is only as I visuallize your sword and tang and you may have to make adjustments to suit your actual situation. find a mild steel bar of the length and height that you want the tang to be. Measure the width of you tang and make your new tang at leas... more